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Outdated Discipline Techniques Parents Should Stop Using Because They Don’t Work

Parents find discipline very frustrating, especially when they have a strong-willed child. One thing that could cause your children to continue the negative behavior is the way that the problem is handled. A lot of parents use old, outdated discipline techniques that do not work.


To spank or not to spank has been a hot debate amongst parents, doctors, pediatricians, and others for generations. The overwhelming evidence concerning spanking indicates that it does not improve a child’s behavior, but rather teaches them negative ways to deal with various acts in life.


Many parents have turned to time-outs to discipline their children, but the science behind their effectiveness simply isn’t there. On the other hand, parents find them effective when they need a break from the ruckus!

Taking Away Privileges

Taking privileges away from kids is another one of the discipline techniques that parents have turned to for a very long time. It’s yet another that really isn’t effective. It is a punishment that doesn’t fit the crime, so to say.

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The absolute worst form of discipline for any child is shaming him or her. This will likely have the opposite effective or what you are hoping for and may challenge your relationship with the child in the future. Never shame a child for their behaviors.

The Best Way to Discipline a Child

Rather than waste time using discipline techniques that don’t work, find out the best ways to discipline. Many parents use the help of professionals at local behavioral health center eden prairie to get their child on the straight and narrow path. This option could very well work for your needs as it does for so many other parents. Check it out and get results.